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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Spring Quilting Project

Quilting fabric selection

These days in Athens there is a kind of perfume of spring. The sky is bright and sun shining. With such a kind weather, someone can only wake up in the morning with a smile on the face and the brain full of joyful plans! As far as I am concerned, projects usually draw me towards painting or quilting. So today I decided to go to my garden and take some pictures of the few blossoms and flowers, as flowers are always a source of inspiration either for watercolor painting or creating a new quilt. Therefore I chose these fabrics, full of lovely and bright colors, with many flower prints, reflecting the mood of the time!

Beautiful mauve against the Greek blue sky :

So fragile wild yellow flower :

Rosemary with a bee gathering pollen :

Lavender :

Azalea :

Observing the perfect combination of colors in nature gives you a sense of creation with harmony.
I love those two almost forgotten fabrics from my stash :

Pink and green fabrics

New purchased reds :

Red fabrics

Love dots :

Colorful fabrics

I am so enthousiastic and eager to start a new quilt with those glorious colored fabrics! 
Soon I will show the first block... and a tutorial.


  1. Quelles magnifiques photos! Et ces couleurs! Bravo! De plus en plus chouette ce blog!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics and beautiful flowers for inspiration.

  3. Quelle magnifique palette ! des couleurs toniques , de jolis dessins et une artiste qui va savoir réunir savamment tous ces éléments!!! Hâte de voir les premiers pas de ce nouveau projet...♥

    1. Merci! J'ai trouve plusieurs de ces tissus a Athenes!