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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Baby Liberty Quilt and Accessories

Liberty Baby Quilt

Liberty Bed Pocket

Liberty Soft Toy Rabbit

Liberty Soft Toy Rabbit

Liberty Soft Toy Rabbit

 Time flies... already more than a year since I last came to my blog!!!

For me, as for everybody, life was not easy lately... and all those events brought many changes in our way of life.

However good things also happened : I now have five wonderful grand children, four boys and a girl and I mainly sew for them and for the family newborns. There are so many pleasant projects to create for babys, and they are so quickly done! It's such a pleasure to have a quick result. Therefore I am not working on big quilts anymore. 

I did several baby quilts, and small items such as soft toys and bed accessories, as you can see on the above pictures.

Sewing makes us forget all (or almost) the troubles of life!! 😀

All those above items can be bought from my new Etsy shop yayaCousette CLICK