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Monday, April 28, 2014

Pink Baby Girl Quilt


Two months ago, my dearest friend became the grandmother of two adorable little twin girls. This quilt is the second I prepared for them. The first one was the zig zag quilt, shown here : zig zag quilt.

Assembling squares

This is the simpliest baby quilt I ever made and it's my favorite one!
In one day it was done.

Assembling blocks

I assemble the blocks, then the bands.

Ready blocks

Top progress

I chose a stripe darker pink fabric to frame.

Top with band

Finished top

As I found too cute the fabric with the toys prints, I did not want to cut it in small pieces, and decided to use it as large bands all around. For the binding I chose an aqua fabric. Now time for quilting!

I chose the colors of the fabrics according to the taste of the grandmother who likes delicate tunes, especially tender pink. Let's hope the mother will like the quilts. As regards the little girls, growing older, I am sure they will appreciate them, as all little girls love pink!

For you, the first rose of my garden.
Have a great week!

Friday, April 25, 2014



Today I just have a picture to show you : a project I started with leftovers from Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
Here the blocks are ready to be assembled.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Antique Doll Quilt and Bunny

Antique doll quilt

Today I will show you the second antique doll quilt from the batch, previously shown in this post,
that I received in London last month.

Antique doll quilt

I think that brown, beige and pink are perfectly matching colors, one of my favorite antique fabrics blends.

antique doll quilt

Nice white and blue calicot and nice hand quilting.

Beatrix Potter book

I am a great fan of Beatrix Potter art, and those little books are remains from my childhood.

Batrix Potter books

For those who may be interested in Beatrix Potter art and life, I recommend this excellent film : Miss Potter, with Renee Zellweger in the role of Beatrix Potter. I was so delighted when I first saw this film, that I watched it again and again... This is one of my best films ever!

Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit

My little porcelain bunny.

Have a beautiful creative day!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baby boy finished top

Baby boy top

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I decided to bring my just finished top in the garden 
to take some pictures.
As I mentioned it in this post, with one Layer Cake I had the possibility to make two baby quilts.
For this purpose, I kept the most boyish colors, plus some reds, and I did a baby boy top.

Baby boy top
Detail of the top



As I am not very fond of gardening, my garden always looks a bit of a mess, but at this season 
I love it as it is, full of grass, wild spring flowers : poppies, daisies... spread here and there.


Some daisies even grew wild in a pot!


How pretty are those blue little flowers! Some yellow kind of daisies grew around them,
like to emphasize them!

To all of you I wish a joyful Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Celadon dish


In my last post I showed you a quilt exhibition. Here is a pottery exhibition I visited as well last saturday,
in the workshop of the artist.
It is not patchwork or quilting but, as I know all quilters have a certain feeeling for art, I decided to share
with you those art objects I admire.


I was very impressed by the sense of harmony of the artist. The lines are pure and simple, modern though with an archaic inspiration.  


The disposal is refined and smart. You can see red painted eggs : it is the tradition in the orthodoxe
religion to paint eggs for Easter.


The inside color of the dishes, on the lower shelf, is a refined celadon. Some items are blue or grey.


Inside those ecru dishes runs a very thin rope, red or blue.

Silver jewels

Our friend Chantal was as well exhibiting her wonderful hand made silver jewels.

Silver jewels

Another successful exhibiton!
Thanks to the artists!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Quilts and Crafts Exhibition

Stunning quilt created, sewn and quilted by Eleni.

Eleni's quilt
Eleni's quilt

Easter is approching here in Greece and therefore various beautiful craft fairs are organized.
This one, where I went last saturday, happened in Goulandri Museum in Kifissia. 
Our friend Eleni had a stall where she presented her last quilting creations. 
She is doing a wonderful job and is very successful!

Eleni's corner

Behind the two ladies you can see a beautiful quilt with white background nicely quilted.

Eleni's corner

Her colorful baskets where very much appreciated.

Quilt by Eleni
Small quilt

Eleni and Michele

My dearest friends Eleni and Michele.

Eleni and me

Eleni and me.

Eleni's quilt
Small quilt

Eleni quilted bags
Quilted bags

Eleni's pouches

Those baskets, filled with joyful colored pouches are just a pleasure to look at!

Eleni's pouches

Craft bag
Present for myself

Anna, a young girl, fabric designer, was selling her wonderful creations, with a Greek inspiration.
This is a blue and white scarf that I bought from her. It is mixed cotton and silk, and is so soft and
so pleasant to wear.


I really enjoyed this exhibition, having coffee, cakes and nice chats with my friends. 
This was a beautiful Saturday!

Greetings from Athens!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tutorial for a Quick and Easy Chevron Zig Zag Quilt

Baby girl quilt top : size 47 inches / 34 inches.

Fabric selection
Fabric selection

For this project I selected 7 different fabrics.

Cutting bands

Fold your fabrics in two and cut bands of 7 inches width.

Cutting squares

Put 4 bands over each other and cut squares of 7/7 inches.


Arrange pairs.

Sewing along

With each pair, put both fabrics right side against right side, and sew all along the 4 sides.

Assembled squares
Pair of squares sewn all around.

Diagonal cuts

Cut the 2 diagonals and you obtain 4 double triangle squares.


Open and press hot, WITHOUT moving the iron, in order not to stretch 
the fabric, as you will now assemble your blocks along the bias sides. 
If you like you can spray starch to stabilize your fabrics.
 I didn't and had no problem, as I was careful with the ironing.


Trim the corners.


Assemble as shown.


Always open and press hot after each sewing.

4 squares

I chose to assemble my work by squares rather than by rows, 
to avoid stretching the fabric by sewing long rows together. 


Go on assembling the rest of your blocks as shown.

Chevron top finished

Enjoy your sewing!