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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Froggie Love


Froggie fabrics


I sewed this Fritter Frog for my one year old grand daughter who is in love with frogs. She already got for Christmas various books, toys... about frogs.

You can find the PDF pattern on this site : Bit of Whimpsy Dolls

Friday, December 01, 2017

Giant Hexagons Quilt

Giant hexagons

Half hexies

Half hexies

So happy to start again a new project after 10 months disability! The good thing is that I had all my time to mentally prepare it! So I had decided for this new quilt to only use fabrics from my stash, choosing my favorite hues (pink, blue and brown), among my reproduction fabrics.

I assemble hexagons, using the half hexie technique. It's a very quick and efficient method. I will write a tutorial in a next post.

This early stage is quite encouraging, I am very pleased with the appearance of these hexagons on my design board...


Friday, November 24, 2017

Country Knitted Large Shawl

Country knitted shawl

Country knitted shawl

Country knitted shawl

Hi everyone, sorry for being absent for so long from the blog. The fact is that since my accident last February I could not yet sew or quilt because of back pains. The only thing I could do was knitting a little, sitting straight in my armchair. Thus my shawl is the only thing I have to show lately. I already posted before a green shawl the same style, and a tutorial.

For this last shawl I decided not to crochet the border, to give it a more rural style, and I am very pleased with its final look. The result is exactly as expected. (It doesn't often happen!).

I used a wonderful natural and soft yarn : Fonty Fado 662 (9 skeins for the shawl and 1 for the fringes), that I knitted with needles no 5 (French).

I hope that my next post will be relative to quilting as since a long time I have in mind a project that I am so eager to start!...