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Thursday, November 26, 2015

One Patch Baby Boy Quilt Tutorial from A to Z

Finished Size : 0.78 yards  x 1 yard

One Patch Baby Quilt Tutorial

Required fabrics 

For the top :

1/2 yard printed fabric.
1/2 yard muslin or dotted white fabric.

 For the backing :

1.25 yard printed or dotted blue fabric. 

For the binding :

4" orange fabric

For the batting :

Wool Batting

For the Knots :

Embroidery white thread.

Stripes One Patch Baby Quilt Tutorial

Cut both printed and white fabrics lenghwise in 5" stripes.
Then cut them in 5" x 5" squares.

One Patch sewing

Sew the printed and white squares together, right side against right side.
Make 8 rows of 6 units each.

One Patch baby quilt top

Assemble the rows together.
Your top is done.

Baby quilt wool batting

Cut your wool batting a little bigger than the top.

One Patch baby quilt dotted backing

Cut your backing fabric the same size as the batting.

One Patch baby quilt knots

Baste and link with knots as shown HERE and HERE.

One Patch baby quilt binding

Bind your quilt as shown HERE and HERE

One Patch Organic Baby Quilt

Friday, November 13, 2015

One Patch Organic Baby Quilt Finished!

One patch Organic Baby Quilt

One patch Organic Baby Quilt

As I was so busy this week, I regret, for those waiting for the tutorial of this baby quilt, that I did not succeed in writing it this week as foreseen, and therefore I will publish it in my next post. Still happy I managed to finish the little quilt for my third grandson born last month!

Wonderful week-end to all of you!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Hand Binding

Hand binding

Monday group

Patchwork knitting

Patchwork knitting

Walnut cake

Walnut cake

Last Monday the quilting meeting took place at my home. As you can see, it is becoming a quilting - knitting activity! Agnes is knitting a lovely shawl and Eleni, our long-arm quilter, is knitting a sweet patchwork doll blanket. I started hand binding my baby quilt. Next week I will publish the promised tutorial!

for the opportunity of our meeting I baked a walnut cake and a custard cream, both grand-mother's recipe.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Chicago Blue and White Batik Quilt

Batik quilt

Batik quilt

Batik quilt

Batik quilt

Batik quilt

Blue batik quilt

Blue batik quilt

Antique Chicago building

Antique Chicago building

In 2010 when my eldest son Ch. came from USA for his summer holidays in Greece, he brought me several issues of my favorite quilting magazine : American Patchwork & Quilting. He showed me a picture of a pattern he had found in the August issue : a blue and white quilt he wished I would make for him. Same day I ordered batik blue fabrics and, as soon as received, I began cutting and sewing. It was very quickly done as the pattern was so easy : only squares, all of the same size.

Recently my son moved in his new apartment in Chicago Printers Row, and sent me some pictures of my quilt displayed in his lounge. I think it is of a dramatic effect, I love the contrast between the blue of the quilt and the brown and black colors of the furniture. I feel so happy him enjoying and treasuring this quilt!

I wish that soon I will be able to visit my son in his new surrounding, I am absolutely in love with  his new flat and with this historical building, which was built in 1916 by the Franklin Printing Company, and housed presses until 1983! I cannot resist to show the picture of the front that I find so interesting and beautiful!