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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Antique quilt grey

Antique quilt

Parcel with quilt

Coming back from a trip to Paris,
I had the great surprise to find
a parcel waiting for me!

Antique Quilt

Inside the box I found two antique quilts,
coming from the USA, offered to me by my son A.

Antique Quilt

It is such a wonderful gift and I am so happy!
Both quilts are in an excellent state.

This one matches perfectly with my grey armchair.
I love the soft and tender tunes of the quilt,
looking at it gives me a kind of feeling of peace.

Quilt on a chair

It is a classic 1900-1920s quilt
from Pennsylvania, with shirting fabrics crisp.
It is in fact the only quilt I own with shirting fabrics.

Monkey Wrench Quilt

The pattern of the blocks is called
Monkey Wrench.

Monkey Wrench Quilt

Here is a detail of the blocks.

Detail Monkey Wrench Blocks

I find so touching to be able to
detect the charcoal lines after one century!

Detail Monkey Wrench Block

I will now take pictures of the second quilt
and show it to you in a future post.


  1. Ce patch est de toute beaute et se fond a merveille dans les tons de ton decor...Un bel ouvrage et un magnifique cadeau !

  2. Merci Agnes, je suis en effet tres fiere de mon nouveau quilt! Viens l'admirer quand tu veux...

  3. Wow, your son chose a beauty! You must have raised him well! :)

  4. That is a beautiful quilt. And it matches perfectly with your chair. They were obviously meant to be together! :-)

  5. It's a beauty Christine and you have such a caring son, I hope you will show us the second one as we'll!

  6. Your son found a beautiful treasure for you Christine... He deserves a standing ovation!