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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Miscellaneous from Paris

Two bags

Last month I was in Paris at my sister's house and I re-discovered some things I had done for her and her daughter Lea a long time ago, so I took pictures as a souvenir.

Monkey and bags

The yellow patchwork bag is the first one I sewed, all hand pieced and hand quilted, as I had not yet a sewing machine. The little red and blue bag comes from Provence in the south of France, from the Souleiado shop. I love this shop, they have such beautiful things and great traditional fabrics from this part of France.

Patchwork bag

As a matter of fact, this yellow fabric is as well typical from Provence.

Doll and bag

This little doll is dressed with clothes knitted by my mother when we were children.

String bag

Blue drawstring bag.

String bag

Hand made doll

Some years ago, more than quilts, I enjoyed making dolls, such as this one.

Hand made doll

Hand made Christmas tree

I used also to make various objects for Christmas :  decorative trees, hearts, stars...

Hand made heart

Sculpture and barbotine

My sister Dominique is a sculptor and this little sculpture is one of her works. Together, on the table are some parts of her collection of antique Barbotines.


I love the colors of this antique pot.

Barbotine dish

This is an incredible antique Barbotine dish... inspiring colors again!

Dominique and me

Greetings to all my friends!


  1. SO comforting to discover some of our first projects. I esp. love the little monkey and that adorable blue drawstring bag. Thanks for sharing:))

  2. What a wonderful collection of treasures! The yellow bag looks as if it has held up well with the years of use. It's still lovely. Thanks for sharing the visit, aren't sisters wonderful?

  3. Thank you for sharing your projects with us :-)
    I love Provence fabric designs.

  4. Thanks for sharing your projects . I really like that yellow bag and the doll you made! That vase is beautiful!

  5. Que de merveilles! Et cette sculpture!
    Et cette sœur!
    Bon on a le droit de rigoler un peu non?

  6. I really like your drawstring bag, you should write up a tutorial for it, or is there one? and the antique Barbotine dish IS Amazing!

  7. What lovely items you've created! Nice to see the pieces and You and Dominique!