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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flying Geese Top and Backing

Back to my low volume baby quilt.

 Flying Geese top and backing finished.

I am quite satisfied with the soft feeling given by those tunes.

For the backing I used two fabrics, recalling those of the top.

My basket obsession!

Summer is becoming very hot here in Greece, and it allows me to sew only very early in the morning. I feel sorry I cannot go on at my usual rythm. I have so many projects in mind... and other baby quilts to prepare,
grand-children (mine and friend's) being on the way, one after the other...

I wish you all a mild summer that allows you to sew and to quilt!


  1. It is so soft looking and baby like! How are you going to quilt it?

  2. Oh Christine, I LOVE your babyquilt. Those colours.....so soft.....so lovely. And OMG that backing fabric is so beautiful!
    Thanks to a link on Katie's blog I find your blog. It's such an inspirational place to visit! I LOVE your posts!!!
    Blessings Liliane

  3. This will be a lovely babyquilt. Wonderful, soft choice of colors/fabrics.same goes for the backing, so very well chosen. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  4. I LOVE this quilt!! It is soft and wonderful...perfect for a sweet baby girl!! And the backing is lovely too!

  5. So fresh,so pretty,so beautiful babyquilt !! Love it !! I'd like to have the time and the talent to make a quilt like yours....just perfect !!!

  6. Christina, once again I am overcome with delight while looking at your pictures! Your little quilt is so delicate and sweet, and yet modern too. So beautiful! And your photos - wow! A big time magazine editor ought to nab you and give you a job working for them!

  7. Such a sweet baby quilt! You chose such lovely fabrics for it and for the backing.I hope you weather cools so you can have more quilting time. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your new grandchild. When is the baby due? Do you know if it is a boy or girl yet?

  8. It sure is low volume and tranquil like a lullaby, soft and dreamy like a pink cloud. Bravo! It is a great baby quilt.

  9. Sorry the weather is not cooperating with your quilting schedule! I really love this sweet quilt and know baby and mama will too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Very lovely. Soft and delicate. It will make a beautiful baby quilt. Great job.

  11. I really love how soft in color this quilt is, it truly appeals to me