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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Tutorial for an Easy Quilt Binding

The double border : my favorite method!

Baby quilt binding

Baby quilt binding
Baby quilt

This is the method I find the best, and that I use every time I have to bind a quilt.

For a finished border of 8mm width, cut stripes of 5cm width. The length of the strip
will be equal to the perimeter of your quilt + 30cm (for the corners and the ending).


Put two strips perpendicular on each other, right side against right side :

Sew them diagonally :


Trim seam at 1/2cm

Open and press seam :

Fold the angle :

Fold angle

Cut a 1/2cm :

Trim seam

Fold the strip on the whole length :

Stripe folded

To start, open the strip and sew it on the right side of the quilt,
 in the middle of one side, for about 7cm :

Machine sewing

Then fold back the strip and sew it all along the quilt :

Machine sewing

Stop at 1/2cm from the edge, cut the thread, 
turn and go on sewing as shown :


To stop and start again, I use the smallest stitch possible,
instead of a backstitch.


At the end, I push the end of the strip inside the place
left open at the beginning :


And I go on sewing, backstitch to stop.


It is not important if there is a little fold on the wrong side
as it does not appear on the right side :

Turned border

To finish, I turn the border on the wrong side,
and sew it by hand.

Border angle
Finshed border

I hope my explanations have been clear enough, and will have been of help for those who need. For the beginners, next time I will give some tips on how to hand sew this border on the back side.  

Have a great week-end. Greetings from me.



  1. очень красивая цветовая палитра. Простое но очень шикарное покрывало

    1. With Google Translate I got: "very beautiful color palette. Simple but very chic bedspread"

      Thank you!

  2. Quel merveilleux quilt !!! de magnifiques tissus assortis avec le plus grand gout et le parfait savoir-faire d'une patcheuse experimentee....Et le resultat est magique ! C'est vraiment trop beau, bravo Christine !!!

  3. Very good instructions...you're an inspiration to beginning and advanced quilters...thank you!

  4. Very helpful instructions. I am also making baby quilts at the moment so this will come in handy.

  5. Christine...THANK YOU!!!! I always have trouble "ending" my binding. I love your little "tuck" into trick!!!! THIS I'm going to try!!!

  6. nice red binding! I love interesting bindings.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  7. How come I've not used red for binding. It makes your quilt sparkle.

  8. Thank you for the photo tutorial. I like to SEE what I need to do.

  9. Muchas gracias por la ayuda.
    Gracias Christine.

  10. Very nice and easy. I love your colors. But as a teacher I must point out that you mean to say strip of fabric (small skinny piece) not a stripe (as in stripes on the American flag). An e on the end turns it into another word!

  11. Look eazy.Thanks for tut.Huge from Serbia,

  12. What a good idea i will try that right away.
    Regards Sylvia

  13. I like the trick with the beginning/ending - thanks!

  14. sure this is great i will try it next quilt
    Thank you

  15. Thank you so much. Your explanation is clear, and your photos are very pretty.