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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Windmill Baby Quilt Tutorial

Windmill quilt top

Measurements :
Finished block : 7.25"
Finished top : 29" x 36.25"

Five shades of grey

To make this quilt you will need 5 shades of grey fabrics
from light grey to dark grey. 9" of each one.


Fold your 9" fabric in 2 from seam to seam.
Cut it in 2 lengthwise.
You obtain 2 strips of 4.50"width.


Put 4 strips over each other and cut squares of 4.50".

Cut triangles

Cut them in diagonal.


You obtain those triangles.


Put two different shades triangles right side against right side,
and sew them on the diagonal side.

Assembled triangles

Trim corners

Trim the corners this way.


You obtain this unit.

Trim corners

Open press it.

Four units

Lay your 4 units this way.

Assemble 2 units

Sew 2 units together.


Press on the dark side (always).

Two units

You obtain those 2 new units.

Open press

Sew them together and open press.

Windmill block

You block is ready.

To make your quilt top, arrange your blocks the way it pleases you and then assemble  
them this way :

Sew four blocks together for your first row.
Go on this way with the next 4 rows.
Last step : sew the 5 rows together.


  1. La seule chose que je ne fais pas contrairement à toi, c'est de repasser avant de coudre...mais je devrais !!
    Merci pour ce tuto !! J'attends la suite....
    Gros nisous et passe un très bon weekend Christine !

  2. Very well taught Christine! And that quilt is just gorgeous with its subtle shades and visual texture!

  3. Bonjour,
    J'aime beaucoup vos couleurs, la répétition du motif, c'est dans la simplicité que l'on réalise souvent de très jolis ouvrages. Merci de nous faire partager vos tutos, votre blog.

  4. This is so sweet. I love the shades of grey together in these blocks. Good choices and nice seams!

  5. Ce top est très subtil, c'est magnifique !
    Bravo pour le tuto qui aidera plus d'une à réussir des moulins...

  6. joli camaîeu de gris merci pour le tuto

  7. Excellent use of those gray fabrics -- the quilt is very soothing and I love the tone-on-tone textures for this windmill pattern.

  8. I love all the different shades of gray--so lovely and soothing.

  9. Great tutorial on the windmills. I really like that this quilt design and colors give me a calm feeling.

  10. What a wonderful quilt, love your serene colour scheme too :)

  11. Dear Christine,
    I want to thank you SEW much for your blog and the tutorials you take the time to post. I have never created a quilt before and always wanted to, but didn't have anyone who could help me. When I discovered my newest nephew was on the way, I wanted to try and make a quilt (because his daddy - my baby brother - always had a special "Ruggy Friend" and I knew it woukd be special for his son to have a "Ruggy Friend 2"). I struggled to decide on a pattern and then stumbled across your wonderful blog.
    Your windmill quilt in shades of grey was the PERFECT choice as his nursery was to be in subtle greys with some blue accents. I followed your tutorials carefully and then just changed the size and colours a little to make it more personal to my soon-to-be nephew. I was very happy with my first attempt at a quilt, and I know all credit and thanks go to you for taking the time to share your designs and techniques. Thank you SO much for your inspiration and help. I have fallen thoroughly in love with quilting and can't wait to attempt my next (as soon as I can settle on a design!)

    With many thanks, Lauryn Hornby (from Melbourne, Australia)