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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Antique Amish Woolen Quilt

As I said before, I love to decorate my home with quilts. I'dont think that there is something more beautiful and decorative than a quilt displayed in a room.
Especially if it is an antique! This one is the only antique Amish quilt I own. It was collected in Lancaster County Pensylvannia. It is in wool and mesures 56 x 52 inches. The pattern is called Around The World. This quilt has a stunning effect, due to the beautiful red color of the squares and the binding, against brown, beige and dark green colors. I love it... I love solid fabrics… I love printed fabrics… I love all the antique quilts!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. It is a fantastic quilt Christine!! You are lucky to own it!

  2. Gorgeous! Do you dare snuggle with it?

  3. Tu fais toujours de merveilleuses trouvailles, il est très beau !

  4. A stunning quilt / love the shades of red and green that it has

    1. Thank you Deb. I cannot answer you through a mail, you are a "noreply blogger".

  5. Love the quilting...love that is old....thanks for sharing at Tuesday ARchives!

  6. I feel so inspired by all of your quilts.