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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mola at Monday's Group

Mola cat

Some time ago, Ginette brought the idea to start a new project, learning the Mola technique. She had already done some nice pieces like this cute cat. One part of the group followed her with enthusiasm. I did not, being too busy with my baby quilts.

Mola cats

This technique comes from the Kuna women in Panama, who were traditionally using it for there costumes.
It is a reverse applique method consisting in using from two to seven layers of fabrics of different colors
sewn together.

Mola cats and fish

Stunning and joyful result!




Obviously this technique needs a hughe concentration!!

Mola fish

Mola fish

Mola backing

Mola backing



After the effort, relax... coffee and cakes are coming!

Agnes and Dina

Dina is giving the last touch to her sampler.

Dina's sampler

Finished! She wrapped herself pleasantly in her quilt!

Happy quilting to you all!


  1. The Mola technique is new to me. Seven layers! Very interesting. I think your friends projects turned out beautifully!

  2. Very interesting post :-)

  3. I have never so far tried the Mola technique but I would like to. I see on the pictures that you are on the same bee with Eleni, She did join our first meeting with Myrto and I hope she joins the next too. If you have a FB account,then please check our team here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/430185743779860/