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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Bumper and baby quilt

Baby bumper

I received those pictures from my son and his wife, 
and it is a great pleasure for me to see that the bumper
and the baby quilt I sewed with love are of use to their baby!

Baby quilt

Baby quilt

Baby seems very happy under his quilt,

and happy as well above it!

Four patch baby quilt

Baby quilt

Four patch and toy
First toy


  1. Un petit lit concocte avec amour par Grand Ma et le rendu est tout simplement Magnifique !! D'ailleurs petit Mihalis a l'air d'etre bien heureux au milieu de ces jolies couleurs...tu as bien de la chance petit Bonhomme !! ♥

  2. et le mannequin est magnifique! Il illumine les realisations.

  3. Tu peux m'en faire un grand pour moi?
    Comme ├ža moi aussi je nagerai dans le bonheur! Il n'y a pas de raison!

  4. What a beautiful quilt and nicely coloured bumpers! Beautiful photos with the bright sunshine and adorable Mihalis!

  5. Oh this post made my day!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful pictures! Adorable baby and lovely quilt!!

    1. Loved seeing this post again...it continues to just bring a smile to my heart!! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Archives.

  6. Cutie pie, bet she loves it and the parents!